Wednesday, October 24, 2012

No Deals with the Devil

The finish line is in sight―November 6th―it’ll all be over but the cryin’. No matter who’s elected―Obama or Romney―a new round of complaints and “I told-you-sos” can begin on November 7th. Principled critics will assume their lofty positions while they wait for the next round in four years, in which case they will, no doubt, point out the we’re left with nothing but a choice between two evils and an obscure third-party good guy. But we’ll sleep well, knowing that we didn't make a deal with the devil, and sleep we will. We won’t bother with all those boring local races or off-year elections. (What is a “Railroad Commissioner” anyway?). We want the gold metal or nothing. We’re too big for the little stuff. If we can’t close the Federal Reserve now, then let the presses roll. If we can’t save all the babies then we won’t save any of them. It doesn't matter who appoints the judges. They’re all just alike…eeevil politicians! It’s a matter of principle. We'll all sleep much better in a few more days.

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