Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Will Miss You Sometimes, Exactly Like the Plague

Hurricane Sandy will soon disappear, but the aftermath of her devastation will linger for a considerable time. We will never fully recover; there will always be remnants of her affects. Hurricane Obama―a category 5 super storm―was far more costly and will have much more lasting ramifications for our world. The administration and her minions will only be missed in the same morose way that a nation misses the plague. Connie Webb’s poem, “Good Riddance” seem apropos.

Good Riddance
I have not forgotten
That you are quite rotten
Your unconcerned ways
No longer wreck my days.

When I disengage
I lose my rage
So without you it’s sunny
And something quite funny
Is the longer you are away
I have a much better day.

With you not around
I am no longer down
I am glad I let you go
Because now calmness I know. 

1 comment:

  1. Romnesia defined: That relaxed, relieved feeling of happiness and hope that will hit us when the last person in the Obama government leaves Washington and sanity returns. I will be glad when we can relegate Obama to Presidential trivia, as in, "What President replaced Jimmy Carter as the most incompent one ever?"