Thursday, September 27, 2012

Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church has had a series of “political” sermons for the 2012 political season (posted HERE). The first six sermons are from Pastor Booth, the seventh (and soon the eighth) are by elder David Alders. Pastor Booth will conclude th
e series on October 7th. The first sermon is more personal than about public policy.

1. “Dare to Be a Daniel” – (Personal integrity)
2. “Ruler of the Nations” – (Sovereignty of God)
3. “National Sins” – (Ethical Standards)
4. “God’s Way of the Gay Way” – (Homosexuality)
5. “A Culture of Life or Death” – (Abortion)
6. “One Man, One Woman” – (Marriage)
7. “The Prosperity Gospel” – (Economics)


  1. Religion and politics make poor bedfellows.

  2. Listen to the sermons and see if you still think so.