Saturday, January 21, 2012

Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church

Here's an update on our new church building:
Marinell completed the first of two stained glass windows (48") and it has now been installed in the frame. Hopefully, it will be installed in the building next week. This is the one that goes above the pulpit. The second owe will be slightly smaller (42"); it will be the same design and will be installed in the empty circle you see on the front porch (photo above). The 3' cross, which goes on top of the steeple has come in, and should be installed soon (I hope to ride in the "cherry-picker," and place it up there). The painters have caulked and puttied and as soon as the outside doors are installed, they will begin painting the exterior "china white," with off-white trim, beige side-doors, and burgundy front doors. Some of the exterior corbels are up and the rest should go up next week. They have begun hanging sheet rock inside and the insulation, electrical, sound, security, fire suppression, plumbing and air conditioning are complete regarding the stuff that goes behind the walls. It's possible that they will begin pouring the concrete for the parking lot next week as well. Lord willing, we should be in by early to mid May.
We are grateful to the Lord.


  1. that looks tremendous, Randy! May you have success in its completion!