Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Family Camp

I'm looking forward to our annual Family Camp at the Pinewoods Conservation Camp in East Texas next week. It was at this camp, about 14 years-ago, that the idea of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church was born. David Alders, Gene Franklin, Pat Hurd, and several other men (I think there were 13 men and boys) met with me and Ben House to discuss the need to plant churches. The Texarkana church was already established and soon thereafter the Texarkana church sponsored the planting of the Nacogdoches church (1998). In 2001, Nacogdoches sponsored the planting of St. David's in Hockley. Nacogdoches sponsored Christ Covenant Church of San Antonio in 2003. In 2004, St. David's sponsored Heritage Covenant Church in Weatherford, TX. And in June of 2008, Nacogdoches sponsored All Saints Presbyterian Church of Ft. Worth, TX.

This year about 225 folk from the Texas CREC will gather for another weekend of fellowship and worship. Over the years this annual meeting has allowed us to get to know one another better and to nurture our affection. The Family Camp also provides an important connection between our churches that draws us together to pray for, love, and serve each other. Other events have spun off from this camp, including various dances, a talent show, Summer Sanctus Student Camp (at the same location), friendships and more. Family Camp is more than a "weekend away," it's an important part of building up the church and expanding our reach and ministry. Interaction between local and broader church enriches all our lives. Over the years, this annual contact has made an enormous difference in our churches, and for this I am grateful to God.

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  1. I can see how something like this can be a means of unifying and nurturing Christian charity. May the Lord bless your time.