Friday, September 17, 2010

Bachelor’s Degree

Each week the church has about an hour and a half to instruct her members by way of the Bible study and sermon, or about six hours per month. A typical 3-hour college course is scheduled for 3 hours per week for fifteen weeks, for a total of 45 hours per course. So, at that rate, it takes 7.5 months of Bible study and sermons to equal one 3-hour college course. A college student can finish their bachelor's degree with about 120 hours (360 hours of class time), and (if they went to summer school), can finish that degree in about 3 years. Therefore, an equivalent amount of class time for church would take 60 months, or 5 years. Now if someone skipped half their classes (let's say Sunday morning Bible study), then that bachelor's degree would take 10 years. Oh, and with church, it's easy to skip the homework, and thus the number of "A" students is very small. One other difference, at church the pastor generally does not give tests. However, God does give tests.

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