Monday, May 31, 2010

Pietistic Retreats or Boot Camps

Education (part 27)

Some have viewed the Christian school as a place to retreat from a corrupt culture and secular education; a place to shelter our children from the harsh realities of modern culture. They become retreats from the world, while we wait for the return of Christ to rescue us. In such places, students are sheltered but often naïve and ill-prepared to enter the world as effective soldiers of Christ.

Set over against this are the few Christian schools that recognize the need for the Christian school to be a boot camp that prepares students for service in the world. Rather than retreating from the culture, students are prepared to conquer the culture for Christ. They are exposed a wide variety of things from the culture in the context of a distinctively Christian philosophy of education. They are given the tools of learning that will serve them for a lifetime.


  1. Randy,

    I'm not sure if I agree or disagree. I've seen so much Christian activism and bullying...totally against God's teaching, and certainly contrary to Christ's example-He had compassion for prostitutes, gays, murderers and theives, yet he held condemnation only for the religious hypocrites.

    If you meant that strengthening the Spiritual lives of young believers, while keeping them from the cultural vacuum of the world, then perhaps I'm not in disagreement.

  2. The goal is to not run from or hide from the world, but rather to learn how to see and think about the world, equipping students to step out and interface with the world and all the challenges and opportunities it presents. From a position of knowledge and strength they should be prepared to adorn the gospel with a blend of wisdom and compassion.