Thursday, October 15, 2009

Family and Culture (part 10)

The Husbandman

The headthe husbandthe father, is not only the image bearer of God the Father and Christ the Husband, he is the image setter for the rest of the family culture (and ultimately the broader culture). Not only what he says, but more importantly what he does will become the model for the rest of the household and future generations. He is the cultivator of the vineyard and it is that cultivation (or lack thereof), that will be the basis of cultural fruitfulness (Pr. 24:30-34). If he is a man full of grace and godly character, he will act courageously with clear and resolute purpose, especially when no one else is looking. Like God, he is a man of his word; if he said he would do it, it is as good as done. A man who self-consciously and joyfully does his duty before God and man is respected by those who are under his care, and emulation of that character becomes the root of generational and cultural transformation.

Like the heavenly Father, an earthly father is a provider and protector, but he must also be one with the vision to lead the family (by example); to show them where they are going. Like Christ, he is the loving, sacrificing husband for his bride; and like the Holy Spirit, his labor manifests his true relationship with the Father and the Son. Christian family culture cannot develop and prosper without these clear images constantly being portrayed. Families are outposts of the Churchthe Kingdom of Godand fathers and husbands are building little cities at those outposts. Leadership must have a clear and resolute plan.

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  1. You ought to stop by and see Landrum outpost #2, you'd be surprised at the transformation. The walls, under the paneling, had plywood for wall reinforcement (I suppose). It made the job of outpost sanctification a little more time consuming. You never know what you'll find when you open up walls. Some termite damage too...very analogous to what you're saying here. I suppose if our cities are to last they must be free of vermin.