Monday, January 26, 2009

Loving Wife

Loving, lovely, lovable wife,
Such joy could not have been contemplated.
Teenage wisdom yielded to passion,
Apparently we did survive on love—
Sustaining through foolish days,
Delivering two friends in tact.

Beautiful, soft, tender wife,
Your presence has cushioned the jagged path.
A young man’s wandering of obscure trails,
Leading to nowhere and back again,
Only to gaze upon your reassuring face,
Receiving me into your arms.

Attending, listening, enduring wife,
What shall I do or be or say?
You patiently receive such endless musings,
Never restraining or pushing,
Soaking up my endless talk,
Confirming each new wandering idea.

Steady, stable, faithful wife,
Always there through dark and light.
Standing fast through temporary insanity,
Looking beyond my failings.
Unmovable in your promise,
Loving in spite of me.

Fruitful, nurturing providing wife,
Delivering children and life.
Endless, wakeful nights and week-long days;
Your selfless labor of love.
Making our house a home and refuge,
From every tempest storm.

Teaching, guiding, training wife,
Not only for children but me as well.
Sometimes with words but more often not,
Valuable counsel and wise input.
Instruction by service and demonstration,
A servant unwittingly turned master.

Creative, spending, adorning wife,
Making dullness bright and cheerful.
Raw materials made useful,
The ordinary turned to treasure by your hands.
There is no plainness in your domain,
All is elevated by your careful touch.

Respecting, honoring, obedient wife,
Building up what has been broken.
Forsaking not the forsaken,
Unwavering support when relentless waves crashed hard.
Confidence displayed in uncertainty,
When I would have quit you helped me stay.

Affectionate, passionate, sensual wife,
Your words, touches and silent looks,
Stimulate and stir my heart.
Such sweet communion—the sacrament of marriage,
The outward and visible signs of love,
The great delight of sharing nights.

Godly, spiritual, Christian wife,
With quiet and gentle spirit,
Precious to me and to God,
No flashing lights or dramatic surges;
Just a steadfast pressing on,
Never looking back or regretting.

Loving, lovely, lovable wife,
I must be counted among the most blessed.
Rich in countless ways.
How could I come to possess such wealth?
No sacrifice involved,
Loving you is made so easy.

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  1. Very moving Pastor Booth. Every line is very expressive of the blessings of God's union of two of his children. Thank you for sharing that with us.